Slovenská grafologická spoločnosť - Slovak Graphological Society (SGrS)
Residence: Nanterská 1681/14, 010 08 Žilina
Foundation: April 2, 1992, Nitra
Founder: Ing. František Stritz (1937 - 2000) President and Honorary President and others
Memebership: Round 70 members and sympatizants including those of Czech Republig, Italy and Austria
Bank: Tatra Bank, Inc. Bratislava, Branch-office Žilina
Bank account: SK2611000000002627535745
Telephone: +421 41 565 61 07
Membership: 10 € per year
E. mail:,

Publication activity: Editor of the special journal: Grafológ and bulletins of the actual special seminars or other activities of SGrS.
Periodicity: half a year
Address of redaction: Nanterská 1681/14, Žilina, Slovak Republic, tel.: +421 41 565 61 07
Redactor: Ing. Bc. Jozef Matej
Orientation of the journal: Graphology and related disciplines of psychology

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